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Pre-Order Now Mar. 16th-Apr. 30th. The launch date for "The Hopper" is May 1st.


  • durable, high-quality Cordura nylon, reinforced stitching
  • 1-inch padded sides, top, and bottom, full zippered top for easy access, carrying handles and pull strap with wheels
  • It is foldable when the shipper box is removed, so it can easily fit inside your travel luggage. Includes cardboard box and brew shippers styrofoam insert that holds 12 bottles.

Shipping Starts at the end of April. 


The Hopper Pre-Order

  • *Optional 12 Slot Styrofoam Beer Can Shipper

    Cut to the exact dimensions to hold cans (12 or 16 ounces) 

    Dynotag - Internet Enabled QR Smart Luggage Tag

    Two identical tags of one dynotag enable you to enter information once for two pieces of property. This way, you update the dynotag information and both tags share the same information, no redundant update is needed.

    WHAT IS DYNOTAG? A dynotag is a Web-enabled, GPS assisted QR(Quick Response) Smart Tag that can be read using a smartphone or a computer. NO batteries or moving parts and easy to use. The dynotag instantly displays any information you, its owner, wants to share such as your contact information, medical information, documents, photos, recordings.

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