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Creating authentic inclusion in the craft beer community by building a platform connecting it locally and globally. Our mission is to manifest synergy in the beer culture by informing beer lovers through news and events.

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Nick Jack


Professional “Hops Seeker”

"By any means necessary." Inconsistent home brewer in search of a formal brewing home. Enjoy craft beer pairings with food and cigars. Life is way too short to drink bad beer. Will travel the world for craft beer, while ready to drink great craft beer with great friends

Ken Noble


“Craft Beer Aficionado”

I am what you would call a

“Craft Beer Aficionado”. I love sharing stories from my friends, bartenders, and brewers to the non-beer drinkers in the community. Great stories like these generate genuine craft beer lovers. For me, an ideal day would involve 90’s Hip Hop, a cold brew, and a nice patio surrounded by beer enthusiasts. I look forward to sharing my stories with everyone.

AK Babers


"Free thought is a vehicle for positive evolution"

I am a strong believer that free thought is a vehicle for positive evolution. Today's craft beer culture is the epitome of free thought, the evolution in brewing, homegrown economies, and ultimately the taste! I fell in love with craft beer because it has brought my favorite hobbies together traveling and meeting great people. I have traveled the country in search of it and met some awesome people along the way drinking great Craft Beers.

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