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Urban Jungle Brewing: A Black-Owned Farm-Inspired Brewery

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Where we believe diversity, inclusivity, and great beer will inspire us to be better!



I've worked almost every job there is, from Jack in the Box to Portfolio Accounting and Commercial Real Estate, now I want to add business owner to my list. 

After studying business, spending 8 years in construction, portfolio accounting, 5 years of homebrewing, 4 years of collaborating with craft breweries across the US, and visiting breweries around the world, I'm finally going pro. 

Brewing at Guinness


Not only do we want a farm and brewery, but we want to create a space that diversity and inclusivity are not only tolerated but welcomed.  A place where people of color, women, LBTQIA+, and everyone can know that they have a family, a place to hang out, socialize, feel safe, and enjoy good beer.

While there are over 8,000 breweries in the US, there is little representation of people of color. Black brewery owners account for just 1% percent of brewery ownership, according to Bart Watson, chief economist of the Brewers Association

Historically, craft beer has been a largely male-dominated industry. However, the number of women working in the field is steadily growing: today, about 29% of brewery employees are female, and about 21% of breweries have at least one woman in a leadership role.

Urban Jungle represents both. There is a brilliance and beauty that comes out of conversation and partnerships and now is the time to begin truly talking and working towards diversity and inclusion. We are hoping that in this moment of crisis, where there's a generation that is pushing aggressively for change, we can be part of the change within this industry and that we own that change collectively. 

Not only do we want to welcome any person from any background, but we want to support their businesses by partnering with them for collaborations and ingredient sourcing. 

This isn’t just about business, it’s about building community.  

Left to Right: James from Forager Brewing, Brandon from Black Beer Travelers, Isla Street Brewing, Will from Equilibrium Brewing, Shannon Harris

Fresh Fest : America's First Black Craft Beer Festival


We plan on opening a farm-inspired brewery within a 45-minute drive from Downtown Austin or the Austin Airport, which makes this area an ideal location for a destination brewery. 

Can't quite picture what we are going for? Some breweries that we would compare our concept to would be:

We plan to start construction in Q1 or Q2 of 2021 and aim for completion in Q4 of 2022, although we hope to be done sooner.  

Awards & Milestones


Brewed collaborations with Red Horn Brewing, Urban South Brewing, Ingenious Brewing, and J.Wakefield Brewing, as well as participation in the Black is Beautiful initiative. 


Became one of the first-ever outside brewers to collaborate and brew with Guinness Brewery.

Sept/Oct 2019 Zymurgy Magazine Cover

2nd Place in First Round of the 2019 National Homebrew Competition

Hosted 3rd Annual International Bottle Share in Riviera Maya, Mexico


2nd Place in 2018 North x Northwest Wort War II

2nd Place in Austin Homebrew Competition 

Hosted 2nd Annual International Bottle Share in Riviera Maya, Mexico


1st Place in 2017 Texas Carboy Pro-Am Oktoberfest Competition

1st Place in First Round of the 2017 National Homebrew Competition

2nd Place in 2017 Nevada State Homebrew Competition

3rd Place in 2017 North x Northwest Brew HaHa Fruit Beer Competition

Hosted 1st Annual International Bottle Share in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


2nd Place in 2016 North x Northwest Wort War I

Education & Experience

Graduated from UNLV Lee Business School

8 Year Career in Property Management, Construction, and Portfolio Accounting

5 Years of Homebrewing Experience

4 Years of Contract Brewing at Commercial Breweries

In The Press

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