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Seek the Independent Craft Brewer Seal

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Hop Topic is a proud supporter of Independent Craft brewing!

Hop Topic World

The Brewers Association, publishers of, launched a seal for independent craft brewers in summer 2017. The design is an upside beer bottle, which symbolizes how craft beer has essentially turned the beer market on its head. You can see the independent craft brewer seal here.

The seal sends a “clear message to the beer drinker” that a beer is made by a small and independent brewer, explains Brewers Association Director Paul Gatza.

Look for it on brewery websites, beer packaging, menus and more. That’s how you know you’re buying beer made by an independent craft brewer.

Defend Craft

Craft brewers face many challenges including access to market, cost of raw materials and ingredients and operation in a highly regulated and highly taxed industry. You can help defend craft by joining the Support Your Local Brewery network. Craft brewers beer styles have a unique twists and they develop new styles all the time. The Brewers Association recognizes about 150. Many of today’s craft brewers also stray from brewing to style completely. That is what makes their craft brewed beers so interesting



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