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New black-owned brewery breaks new ground at Rocky Mount Mills

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Posted September 1, 2018 Updated September 4, 2018


By Alfred Charles, Online Managing Editor

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. — A new brewery is taking root at Rocky Mount Mills and its operators are infusing a new flavor and spirit into the area's burgeoning craft beer industry.

Briana Brake and Celeste Beatty have united to open Rocky Mount Brewery, which will cater to North Carolina's growing class of craft beer enthusiasts.

The two have planted a stake at Rocky Mount Mills, the iconic site on the Tar River that is being transformed from an abandoned, dilapidated industrial wasteland into a thriving live-work-play environment.

Capitol Broadcasting, which also owns WRAL-TV and, purchased Rocky Mount Mills four years ago.

According to Rocky Mount Mills News Views and Brews, Blake and Beatty are expected to open their brewery this fall, and the inaugural brews will showcase the history of the Tar River region.

The pair of black women are treading new ground in the craft beer industry.

The Rocky Mount Mills publication says Rocky Mount Brewer is one one of two black-owned breweries in North Carolina, which reportedly has the most craft breweries and brewpubs in the South.

“The Mills provided me with an exciting opportunity to explore brewing in my home state and be closer to some of our most loyal customers,” Celeste told the News, Views and Brews publication.

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