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HOPPY HOLIDAY Aldi US is selling a beer advent calendar with 24 bottles in

LOOKING for some Christmas cheer! Well, Aldi US has introduced a craft beer advent calendar.

There are 24 bottles of beer in the calendar, which will take you right up to December 25.

The new addition joins Aldi's advent calendar range, which also includes a wine advent calendar, and at $49.99 (£38.98) it is cheaper too (the wine calendar is $69.99 (£53.75).

There will be an assortment of beers inside the Christmas calendar, in a variety of sizes - ranging from 11.2oz to 24oz.

In total, you'll get 258.8oz of beer and they all come in bottles, not cans.

In comparison, a 24-pack of standard Bud Light beer (all 12oz) will cost you $19.98 (£15.58) from Walmart, saving you half the price if you don't mind not having craft beer. You'll also get more beer at 288oz in total.

But if you want something fancier, a 12-pack of 12oz craft beer costs $13.98 (£10.90) at Walmart. So this would only set you back $27.96 (£21.80) for 24 cans and more booze at 288oz.

Aldi's festive advent calendars will be stocked in stores from November 6 - but remember, customers will be limited to purchasing only two of each advent calendar.

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