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Harris Family Brewing Is Changing Beer Culture In PA

In 2011, Shaun Harris was watching “Moonshiners”, a show on The Discovery Channel about illegal whiskey production in the Appalachian Mountains, in his Harrisburg home. He immediately was intrigued on how to go about doing this and started researching how to make liquor. Turns out, making liquor in the US is illegal without the proper license! Further down in that initial search were details on how to brew beer, and that it was in fact legal to homebrew. Shaun bought a beer making kit right away and loved his first batch, this is when he got the itch. The start of Harris Family Brewery came along with friends Jerry “JT” Thomas and Tim White. Shaun made a batch every week, and with many friends and family to taste test these on. In 2012, just a year after getting that initial itch they home brewed a total of 52 batches! Fast forward to 2019 and Harris Family Brewery obtained their zoning approval on November 18th from the city of Harrisburg to begin commercial brewing operations. HFB already has their TTB approval, and once they get the final approval from the PLCB, they expect to be up and running in early 2020 out of their 3,000 sq/ft industrial building at 1721 Holly St. in Allison Hill, Harrisburg.

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