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Founders Brewing Settles Discrimination Suit That Prompted Boycott

Founders Brewing has settled a racial discrimination suit that made national headlines and prompted a boycott of its brand.

The settlement deal was announced by the Grand Rapids-based brewery on Thursday afternoon. The company would not disclose its terms.

The suit filed last year by Tracy Evans, a former Founders manager who was terminated, alleged the company fostered a racist work environment in which white employees used the "N" word and office equipment appeared labeled for use by whites or blacks. Evans was previously co-host of a Deadline Detroit show.

Here's the full statement from Founders:

We are pleased to settle this case and focus on the future. Through recent discussions with Tracy, we listened, engaged in self-discovery, and reach common ground to make amends. We agreed that nobody be viewed at fault here. Most importantly, this serves as an opportunity to place our full attention on the work we now have to do, as a company of more than 600 dedicated team members, to rebuild our relationships. Significantly, we are committed to moving the cause of diversity and inclusion forward for Founders. We want every employee to feel valued, respected and safe. We abhor discriminatory action of any type and believe that beer should bring people together and not divide.

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