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What's Next on Your Radar?

Pub in Dublin Ireland showing a range of styles and beers brewed in the US & UK

Are folks still krunk on Hazy IPAs? I can’t keep up but I know the trends always shift. I remember my Head Brewer was always anti trends. Back when IPAs were trending (Just regular IPAs) he was in love with Saison’s. I would email him about experimental beers he was working on and tell him I wanted him to keg a Peanut Butter & Jelly Russian Imperial Stout or a French Toast Milk Stout, and he would say “cool…sounds good”…then send me a Saison with a hint of Orange and Lemon. What does one do, when that happens? You tap the keg in and let it be! I love Saisons and if you don’t know what a Saison is then please explore that refreshing style because it’s worth it but I don’t want to get off track.

What I wanted to talk about is: WHAT’s NEXT? What style will be the next craze that everyone is sipping and requesting from the breweries? Tell me the style that Breweries are going to recreate in 99 different ways with 99 different flavors until some aggravated Beer Aficionado stands up and yells ENOUGH! Then buys a 6 pack of something like Sierra Nevada or 90 Minute and brings us all back to our senses. My Saison supporting old Head Brewer told me he envisioned Pilsner’s being the next style on deck or at least some version of Pilsner’s. Considering the rate we’re going on Global Warming I would tend to agree with that being the perfect style to transition to in Texas. It’s a great style and no matter what kind of beer drinker you are, you will always go back to it. Believe it or not it’s also a complex style that takes a level of patience and proves if you can truly “brew beer”. I was on record about 2 years ago saying Pilsner was the next big craze and I will stick with that…what say you? What do you think is the next big beer style craze Imperial Stout, Saison’s, maybe Pumpkin Beers finally make their comeback…. (Just kidding, please God no!) Please give your take and debate in the comments!


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