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Saint Arnold Original Dry Cider Debuts on Draft Today

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Dear Saint Arnold Army,

Having already cleansed the water and saved the townspeople with his divine ales, Saint Arnold turned his focus to man's original nemesis: the apple. And so he ventured into the orchard, cast away the serpents, harvested the trees' finest fruits, and created the saintly cider you will soon hold. The townspeople were delighted and the apple regained its rightful place among the earth's most delicious gifts. Or so the legend goes...

Saint Arnold Original Dry Cider Debuts on Draft Today

Over the years, we have heard your requests for non-beer beverage options. Some of you wanted gluten free alternatives. Others - believe it or not - just aren't beer lovers. Our sales reps have long fielded appeals at bars and restaurants for us to try our hand at cider. With the opening of our Beer Garden & Restaurant last year, your pleas grew louder. We knew it was time to develop a cider.

Crafting cider is quite a bit different from brewing beer. Our research and development team began what we knew would be a lengthy process. Over the course of many months, over 100 test batches were created and tasted - our way of experimenting with different blends of apples, yeast, and sweeteners to find the perfect combination.

Our Original Dry Cider features a proprietary blend of apples from the Pacific Northwest - including Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Braeburn,

, Cripps Pink, and Cameo. While most cider makers insist you must use a cider or wine yeast, we found our Saint Arnold house brewers yeast was the favorite in blind tastings - a pleasant surprise. Finally, a combination of Belgian candi syrup and Burleson's Honey from Waxachachie, Texas gave us the balance of sweetness we were looking for. 

This combination of ingredients gives our Original Dry Cider a bright apple flavor and aroma with pear, citrus, and melon notes throughout. Mild acidity balances the flavors and a touch of sweetness delivers a refreshingly light but complex balance and clean, dry finish.

Our Original Dry Cider is gluten free.

Beginning today, you'll be able to find our Original Dry Cider on draft in bars and restaurants across the Houston area. It's also on tap now at our Beer Garden & Restaurant. Draft will begin to hit our other markets in March, along with the launch of 12 oz cans in stores.

As always, thank you very much for your support.


The Brew Crew Aaron, Alison, Alex (2), Andrew (4), Anne, Annette, Anthony, Aris, Ashlyn, Ben (2), Betsey, Brennan, Brenton, Brock, Cal, Carlos, Chelsea (2), Chris, Chrissy, Christina, Colin, Connor (2), Crispy, Daan, Daniel, Dave, Derrick, Don, Donny, Doug, Drew, Eddie, Edgar, Edwin, Emily, Eric, Ethan, Eugene, Frank, Greg, Hailie, Ira, Ivan, Jake (2), Jared (2), Jason (2), Jeremy, Jessie, Jesus, Joe (2), Joel, Jon, Josh (2), Justin, Kelsey, Lennie, Luis, Marisa, Matt, Matthew, Michael (2), Micah, Mike (2), Nathan, Omar, Phil, Priscilla, Ricardo, Richard, Robby, Rocco, Ron, Roxy, Roy, Ryan (2), Salvador, Sebastian, Shannon, Stephanie, Tamikah, Tanner, Tim, Tom, Travis, Will & Zach

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